jazzthemagnificent asked:

Sorry, it's late at night and you seem like a very wise person to me so I just had to get this off my chest to someone: how in the world can you cope when you feel like theres much more bad guys in the world than good? Have you thought about these kind of stuff? I don't know, maybe I'm just consuming too much internet. Sigh. Adore your blog, have a nice day man!

sixpenceee answered:

Hey, this question means the world to me because as humans we all crave affection and attention. We want people to like us and often times one rude comment, one backstabbing friend, one bad break-up pulls our entire world down. 

I know how it feels to think that everyone is against you (especially on an open internet blog) and boy does it suck. Check out the following positivity and uplifting links though, they make me feel better :)


Oh wow, I was having such a shitty day but I just went through the first couple of links. God bless you, you are the person we all need in our lives. 

But if you start paying £7.20 a month for life insurance from the age of 32, and you happen to live until you’re eighty your family will get a payout of £1000 but you’ve paid for well over £4100 worth so why not leave your family the £4000 and skip life insurance